WWII Veteran Turns 100, Says God Has ‘Been Good to Me’

WWII Veteran Turns 100, Says God Has ‘Been Good to Me’

Facebook / Kim Turner Kendricks

World War II veteran Bill Macomber turned 100 on August 6 but his family was unable to through him a centennial birthday celebration. Despite the postponement of his party, Macomber remained grateful, saying God has “been good to me.”

Drive-by Birthday Celebration

Bill’s daughter, Cherry Smithson, was not going to allow anything to get in her way of celebrating her father’s 100th birthday. As a result, she organized a drive-by birthday party to honor her father and everything he had accomplished.

“Happy 100th Birthday to my AMAZING Granddad, Bill Macomber! Thank you for your continuous love and support for us all,” a Facebook post reads. “You truly are a blessing to so many! You have shown us so many wonderful examples of how we should love and care for others. Love you!”

Approximately 50 trucks, cars, and motorcycles circled Mt. Pleasant Mennonite Church in Chesapeake, VA during the last weekend in August. Not even bad weather was going to keep Smithson from showing her father the love he deserved.

“We stopped looking at the weather forecast,” Smithson told CBN. “We have been looking so forward to this.”

Smithson shared that she used to always tell her father, “You have to make it to your 100th birthday.” Now that Bill’s reached that milestone, his daughter is encouraging him to make it to his wife’s 100th birthday.

“I tell him, you have to make it to her 100th. It means the world to me to have them both here,” Smithson added.

Bill’s wife, Helen, will be 99-years-old in November. The couple has been married for 76 years.

God Has ‘Been Good to Me’

Mr. Macomber, who is originally from Georgia, moved to Virginia during the 1940s after serving in the United States Navy. While in the military, he was assigned to the USS New Mexico.

Upon turning 56-years-old, he decided to go on a mission trip to Bolivia to work as a carpenter and handyman. He helped build classrooms, desks, and chapel benches. His daughter said he went to Bolivia “because he felt that the Lord told him to go.”

Despite everything he has experienced and seen, Mr. Macomber credits his Heavenly Father for helping him persevere. He cited Psalm 121 as the source for his hope:

“My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth! He will not let you stumble; the one who watches over you will not slumber,” a portion of the chapter reads.

“He’s been good to me… to let me live this long,” Mr. Macomber said. “He must have something He wants me to do.”

When asked how it feels to be 100-years-old, the war veteran simply said “like it feels to be 99.”

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