Worship Leader Pens Song Condemning Evangelicals Who Voted For President Trump

Worship Leader Pens Song Condemning Evangelicals Who Voted For President Trump


An Indiana worship leader has penned and published a song condemning the 81 percent of white evangelicals who voted for Donald Trump during the 2016 Election.

“Hymn for the 81 Percent”

South Bend City Church worship leader Daniel Dietrich released his song “Hymn for the 81%” on YouTube at the beginning of the year stating, “In 2016, 81% of white evangelical Christians voted for Donald Trump after (among other things) hearing an audio recording of him bragging about sexually assaulting women.”

Dietrich is bothered to the core with how evangelicals have rallied behind President Trump despite his behavior and moral failings in the past. He is also concerned with Trump’s treatment of immigrants and refugees that have sought a new life in the United States.

“I was raised in the evangelical world and was taught to take the words of Jesus seriously: Love God, love your neighbor, feed the hungry, fight against injustice,” he said.

“This song might ruffle some feathers, but maybe some feathers need to be ruffled. This song is a lament. It’s a loving rebuke. It’s a plea for the 81%, to come home to the way of Jesus.”

A Direct Message to Evangelicals

At the beginning of the second verse, Dietrich explicitly calls out the treatment of children and their families:

“They started putting kids in cages, ripping mothers from their babies. And I looked to you to speak on their behalf. But all I heard was silence or worse, you justify it singing glory hallelujah, raise the flag.”

The chorus chimes in with, “You said to love the lost, so I’m loving you now. You said to speak the truth, so I’m calling you out. Why don’t you live the words that you put in my mouth? May love overcome and justice roll down?”

A Divisive Response on Social Media

Dietrich’s song has received praise as well as criticism over its lyrics and what some consider “virtue signaling.”

Those who commend Dietrich for his “loving rebuke” have said things such as:

  • “I’m an “unchurched” Christian. This song says everything I can’t put into words. Thank you, brother.”
  • “Thank you for this. Appreciate your prophetic bravery.”
  • “This is a beautifully vulnerable, courageous and truthful song, Daniel! Thank you for raising your voice and calling us all to come home.”
  • “Thank you. I didn’t think it was possible to articulate the grief that I have felt from this. You beautifully expressed the despair we are all feeling.”

Others have called Dietrich out for his lack of “fact-checking” and liberal agenda saying:

  • “A lament and loving rebuke by someone who may mean well but lacks command of the facts at hand.”
  • “The separation of ILLEGAL immigrant families started a long time before January 20, 2017. But then again, truth is not a leftist value.”
  • “There is NO POTUS candidate on the pure side of human rights. Let’s not divide politically through worship [with half the] info.”

The YouTube video, including lyrics, can be watched here.

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