Why You Should Think Twice Before Hoarding Wealth

This is a dark time in world history, and many people are looking to stock trading websites to figure out exactly how they are going to get through it. People have lost millions in the markets, and others are looking to snap up cheap prices like vultures, trying to make something good out of a very bad situation. But when you’re looking at the stock trading websites and considering your portfolio, remember this: God does not look kindly upon those who hoard their wealth.

Millions of people in the world need food, access to clean water, or a roof over their heads. But yet so many others are holding onto their wealth, letting it sit and collect dust instead of using it to help people. When you’re looking at stock trading websites and considering the best move for your portfolio and your future, consider the future of others, too. The Bible suggests a 10% tithe… are you putting that money to good use? Are you helping others?

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