‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Attracts Protesters and Supporters

‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Attracts Protesters and Supporters

“The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are an abomination unto the LORD thy God.” – Deuteronomy 22:5 (KJV)

Throughout the pages of Scripture, Jesus is seen defending the weak and including women who were otherwise ostracized by society. The Bible clearly teaches that men and women are equal yet have different roles to play. Equality does not mean “the same.” It is shameful to God when His creation distorts itself. The creation of male and female was for a divine purpose that should not be altered in any way.

The Meaning of the Passage

The idea put forth in this passage is that whatever obscures the distinction between the sexes leads to wantonness, profligacy or licentiousness.

The wearing of the garments of the opposite sex has always been regarded as unnatural and indecent.

God wants us to preserve our purity, and that of others, within our heart and in our actions. Therefore, because of a tendency to lead toward immorality, the Lord considers dressing as the opposite sex to be an abomination.

“Male and female he created them, and he blessed them and named them Man* when they were created.” – Genesis 5:2 (*in many translations: “Adam” or “man,”; and in some translations either: “Mankind,” “human,” “humankind”)

‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Attracts Protesters

On June 15, purposely scheduled to occur during LGBT pride month, the date marked the first ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ at Spokane’s  South Hill Library in Washington State.

The program aims to expose kids to queer role models as a way of getting them to becoming accustomed to thinking about gender fluidity, according to the DQSH website.

Outside, protesters and counter-protesters lined the street in front of the building, competing to make their voices heard for and against the event. Conservatives held signs with slogans such as: “Gender fluidity is a lie” and “Drag is Blackface.”

“I’m done with letting drag be confined to adult-only spaces,” said Andrea Tate, a drag king who goes by Tirrany. “Obviously we’re not teaching kids what it means to be gay. That’s not our goal here.”

“Our goal with this story hour is to teach kids that regardless of what someone else looks like, or who they love, we have no place telling them they’re not allowed to do that,” Tate added.

Christian Pastor Defends the Event

Not all Christians present at the event opposed it. Rev. Andrea Castro-Lang, the pastor of Westminster United Congregational Church of Christ, was there to support the event.

“I’m guess I’m here tonight to let you know that even though there’s only one of me up here, there are other Christian churches that are friends and allies and it really sucks to have to represent Christianity sometimes because we’ve done a lot of disservices,” Castro-Lang said, “so I’m here to try and be a friendly face.”

She added that Christians are known by love, not by the threatening messages that have been sent to libraries in Washington and others throughout the US.

Indeed, in so many passages with the words of Jesus in Bible verses love is the message.

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