Timothy Keller Says Sunday School Isn’t Enough in a Culture Pushing the Gospel Void of God

Timothy Keller Says Sunday School Isn’t Enough in a Culture Pushing the Gospel Void of God

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Secular culture is on a mission to infiltrate the church and all its various programs used to educate Christians. Sunday school, youth groups, and worship services are no longer enough to immunize children from society’s new gospel without God, author and pastor Timothy Keller recently warned.

Modern Secular Culture Turning Christianity on its Head

During a Q Session with moderator Gabe Lyons Wednesday, Redeemer Presbyterian pastor Timothy Keller warned that American secular culture is turning Christianity on its head. The philosophy that “the only sin is to tell people that they sin” is gaining traction across the country.

In fact, society’s latest mission is to “evangelize” Christians to help them see that their ideas of freedom, hope, and love are null and void. These things do not exist outside a person. Rather, they come from within.

“Roughly speaking, every other culture always taught that the truth is something outside me… And to be a person of honor and worth, you had to… align your feelings with the truth,” Keller said.

“Now the understanding is, truth is inside you. You go inside to find the great depths and then you come out and you tell everybody else that you have to now accommodate me.”

In order to combat this onslaught of progressive thinking, Keller said Protestant churches need to better prepare Christian children to respond and thrive in a world filled with the new secular gospel across social media.

“We’re the first culture not only that does not believe there’s a truth out here, it’s all subjective. Also, it’s the first culture that doesn’t just think Christians are wrong but they are the problem,” he explained.

Parents Need to Become More Hands-On

During the same session, Cornerstone Church founder Francis Chan said parents need to become more hands-on with their children. He said parents need to understand that they are ultimately responsible for the spiritual development of their kids.

“I hear in a lot of churches they’ve got to meet together again because of our kids. And I’m going, ‘Man, God should wake you up right there. Parents are supposed to be teaching their kids,'” Chan said.

“It’s a great opportunity for you, dads, to step up and believe the Spirit of the living God is inside your body and you can lead that family. And if they’re not equipped, then figure it out and man up. Parents, you’re supposed to lead your kids.”

Although the church can certainly supplement a Christian child’s spiritual growth, parents are the catalyst. Now, more than ever, parents need to protect and safeguard their homes against an increasingly secularized gospel. A gospel that’s pounding on the front doors of many churches in America.

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