Teen Vogue Uses Snapchat to Teach Teens How to Get an Abortion

Although Teen Vogue no longer publishes a printed magazine, they still publish online content. In fact, one of the social media platforms it uses to push their pro-abortion message is Snapchat.

The publication is drawing controversy for showing teens how to go about getting an abortion, including how to circumvent their parents who may not support terminating a pregnancy.

Teaching Teens How to Get an Abortion

The article’s title leaves little doubt that it is a how-to guide. It reads: “How to Get an Abortion if You’re a Teen.” On Snapchat, the article was published as a social media series, repurposed from the full article which was published in the magazine in June under the same title.

To its credit, the article does encourage underage teenagers to consult their parents. The article says “no matter what your parents’ abstract views are, they might behave far more tenderly when their own child needs access to abortion care.”

However, the article also gives teens advice on how to get around their parents if necessary. It walks teenagers step-by-step through the process to get around their parents in order to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

What the article wittingly or unwittingly does is that it encourages minors to consent to potentially dangerous and irreversible procedures all without the involvement of their parents.

Not the First Controversy Involving Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue created a stir a couple of years ago when they created an article instructing teens on anal sex. The article was titled: “Anal Sex: What You Need to Know.”

The article went well beyond being simply informative. Rather, it was written as a “how-to” guide for participating in the activity. Even feminists derided the article, pointing out that not once did the word “female” or “woman” appear in the entire article.

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