Students Get Creative After an Anti-Religious Group Sued Their School

Students Get Creative After an Anti-Religious Group Sued Their School
  • The Freedom From Religion Foundation forced a public school in Larue, Texas to remove the Christian flag from school property.
  • Students were confused as to why a lawsuit was even filed since the flag did not directly impact the organization.
  • Students got creative in their retaliation by displaying the Christian flag on their own private property—their vehicles.
  • They even flew two additional Christian flags on nearby flagpoles that were not on school property.

A predominantly Christian school in Larue, Texas had been forced to take down a Christian flag by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The students got creative in retaliation to this anti-religious organization that left them powerless.

Students Confused Over the Lawsuit

Students couldn’t understand why the Freedom From Religion Foundation was filing a grievance, seemingly randomly, with such a small town. The answer is quite simple. They do it because they can. This is what this organization does and allegedly their only reason for existing.

A quick visit to the Wisconsin-based organization’s website will show you they have at least over a dozen ongoing lawsuits.

Lawsuit Not Much of a Victory

Every week in the news you’ll find an article about the anti-religious group Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) filing one lawsuit after another alleging some Christian or Christian group is violating the Constitution’s provision of the separation of church and state.

In their latest lawsuit, the foundation sued a small school in Larue, Texas because it flew a white flag that featured a small square in its upper-right corner that featured the Christian cross. Faced with the complaint, the school had no choice but to remove the flag.

This anti-religious group thought they had won the battle. However, they were sorely mistaken.

Students Creatively Retaliate to FFRF Lawsuit

Being that the school is a public institution, the Freedom From Religion Foundation had the grounds to file a complaint and force the school to remove the flag.

However, that’s not the case when it comes to private property. The predominantly Christian student body came up with the perfect way to still fly the flags and there wasn’t a sing thing the anti-religious foundation could do about it.

Students at the school decided to outfit their vehicles with Christian flags. Nearly every vehicle in the entire parking lot displayed the Christian flag.

Even though the Freedom From Religion Foundation got their way in court and forced the school to remove the flag from the school’s flagpole, they were powerless to stop the will of the people on choosing to display the flags on their own private and personal property.

Additionally, the students put the flags on two other nearby flagpoles that were not on school property.

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