Sight & Sound’s ‘Queen Esther’ Lead Actors Share How Production Impacted Their Lives

Sight & Sound’s ‘Queen Esther’ Lead Actors Share How Production Impacted Their Lives

Sight and Sound Productions

Sight and Sound Theaters is set to launch its first-ever live worldwide broadcast of Queen Esther which debuted earlier this year in March. The live performance will air on the studio’s new streaming platform on Sept. 4 at 7 p.m. ET.

The production’s lead actors, Jessica Brown (Queen Esther) and Justin Mazzella (King Xerxes), sat down with The Christian Post following the show’s debut. The two performers talked about how the production impacted them and how it may help others as well.

The Importance of ‘Being Still’ Before God

When asked about the production’s outgoing theme of “being still,” Brown and Mazzella expounded upon what that means as it relates to a Christian’s relationship with God.

Brown recalled a real-life incident that God brought to her mind as she was doing her devotions one day. Her dog had gotten stuck under the Christmas tree and was struggling to set herself free. Brown remembered telling her dog to “stop moving” so she could help untangle the cords.

“I feel like that’s how we are in life. We try to do things in our own strength and we pull and pull, and we go out and do crazy things because we’re trying to do things for ourselves. We’re trying to fix it,” Brown said. “All He’s telling us to do is just, ‘Stop, I’m going to come over there and I will untie the cords from your legs.'”

Mazzella echoed Brown’s comments, adding that “we just want to fix things.”

“You know we say that God whispers, and I believe He whispers because He’s close. If we would just be still and listen, we’ll hear Him,” he said.

“Sometimes we just want to take control. And when we lose control we start to freak out a little bit. But… the end endgame and goal will be made clear to you if you just wait for His word.”

The Power of Love and the Transformation of the Heart

Mazzella also commented on the power of Esther’s love for God and how it transformed King Xerxes’ heart. The dominion that God’s love has over a human’s heart is seen throughout the production.

“Anyone who’s seen a Sight & Sound show [knows] they really focus on what the miracle is of that story — walls coming down, seas parting, lions being quieted. But the miracle of this show is a changed heart,” Mazzella stated.

“Xerxes didn’t know what that would even look like. But when Esther and Xerxes meet it’s something inside her that brings a calm in him. He’s experiencing the Lord through her,” he added.

“He gets to glean from her and it brings a calming presence inside him that he’s never felt before and it changes his whole perspective and history is made.”

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