Quiz of the Day: The Bible and Prayer

Quiz of the Day: The Bible and Prayer


Multicultural hands folded together with Bible in middle of table

Prayer is so often neglected in the life of a Christian. In full disclosure, it’s not as prevalent in my life as it should and I really have no excuse for it. But with all of the recent religious persecution around the world such as in Burkina Faso and India to name a few, we should be on our knees making petitions unto God “without ceasing.”

Today’s quiz will focus on the impact of prayer seen throughout the Bible. Although our prayers don’t always get answered the way we want them to, God does answer them in accordance with His plan whether we understand it or not.

Use today’s quiz as a reminder of how prayer works and how it can change our lives as well as other’s lives across the globe.

  • Although she was barren, what did Hannah promise she would do with her child if God were to bless her with a son?

    Barren woman
    • Train him to be a priest
    • Give him up for adoption
    • Give him back to the Lord
    • Let him work in the Temple
  • What happened when the believers gathered together to pray for boldness after Peter and John returned from the Council?

    • They began speaking in tongues
    • They were seized by the Roman army
    • Jesus appeared before them
    • The entire place shook
  • After James was killed and Peter was imprisoned, who prayed for his release?

    • The two guards
    • The church
    • The high priests
    • His mother and brother
  • Whose prayer resulted in the angel of the Lord killing 85,000 Assyrian soldiers during the night?

    Obscure mighty angel
    • Hezekiah
    • Jeremiah
    • Melchizedek
    • Ezekiel
  • What happened as a result of Jesus’ prayer on the Mount of Olives?

    Jesus praying on Mount of Olives
    • An angel appeared
    • His sweat turned into blood
    • He was strengthened
    • All of the above
    • None of the above
  • Who asked his friends to pray that he would be able to interpret a dream correctly to avoid losing their lives?

    Pray to interpret dream
    • Joseph
    • Daniel
    • Samuel
    • Nahum
  • When Elisha prayed for the Lord to open the eyes of his servant, what did he see?

    • An angel army equipped with swords
    • Wild beasts attacking from all directions
    • Horses and chariots of fire along the mountains
    • The angel of death wielding a large bow
  • What did God do for Job after he prayed for his friends?

    Job praying for friends
    • Made him a king over the land
    • Built him a temple of gold to worship in
    • Gave him twice as much as he had before
    • Blessed him with a more loving wife
  • In what manner did Jesus tell the disciples they should pray?

    elderly woman praying
    • In the synagogue
    • In secret
    • In sackcloth
    • In public
  • During his baptism, what happened as Jesus was praying?

    • A bright star appeared in the sky
    • Angels sang a song of praise
    • John the Baptist gave Jesus a high five
    • Those in attendance bowed down and worshiped
    • A dove descended from heaven

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