Quiz of the Day (Advanced): Dreams in the Bible

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Dreams can be wonderful but they can also be terrifying—nightmares, I think they call them. 😉 More often than not, we wake up during the best parts of a dream, yet twist and turn while we stay asleep during a frightful nightmare. Not entirely sure why that’s the case.

Anyway, God used dreams in a mighty way to convey judgment, prophecy, and warnings throughout Scripture. Men of God would often be called upon to interpret the dreams of religious and political leaders. There have even been stories in which God has used dreams on the mission field to convert people to Christ.

Today’s quiz will test your knowledge of the dreams recorded in the Scriptures. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep while taking the quiz. Dream after you’re finished. Have fun!

  • In Genesis 28, Jacob uses a rock as a pillow while sleeping in Haran. What object did Jacob dream about in relation to heaven?

    • throne
    • crown
    • ladder
    • sceptar
  • What was the immediate reaction of Joseph’s brothers after he told them about his dream that signified that they would bow down to him?

    • They hated him
    • They honored him
    • They feared him
    • They served him
  • In Daniel’s interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in Daniel 2, which of the following materials is not mentioned in regard to the statue?

    • clay
    • silver
    • iron
    • gold
    • stone
    • none of the above
  • According to the prophet Joel, who will “dream dreams” during “the last days”?

    • young men
    • old men
    • young women
    • old women
  • In Judges 7, Gideon received confirmation from whose dream that he would defeat the Midianites?

    • Deborah’s
    • A Midianite soldier’s
    • Joash’s
    • His own
  • Why staying at Simon the tanner’s house, what did Peter see in his dream while on the roof?

    • A basket filled with barley loaves
    • A boat filled with dead fish
    • A sheet filled with animals
    • A graveyard filled with locusts
  • God appeared to Abimelech in a dream to tell him he had taken whose wife?

    • Jacob’s
    • Samson’s
    • Laban’s
    • Abraham’s
  • Joseph told Pharaoh that his two separate dreams of the cows and the heads of grain meant the same thing.

    • True
    • False
  • In the book of Nahum, the prophet experiences visions concerning the judgment of which city?

    • Babylon
    • Nineveh
    • Judah
    • Gomorrah
  • In Daniel’s vision of the four beasts, what was the fourth beasts’ teeth made out of?

    • iron
    • ivory
    • glass
    • gold

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