Professional Christian Athletes Discuss Spiritual Growth During Stay-at-Home Quarantine

Professional Christian Athletes Discuss Spiritual Growth During Stay-at-Home Quarantine

Featured Image: FCA YouTube

A group of well-know Christian athletes recently hopped online to discuss how each of them is growing spiritually while being quarantined at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

‘God Doesn’t Do Anything by Accident’

In the inaugural episode of “Huddle Up,” a new YouTube podcast launched by Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), a group of professional athletes discuss the balancing act of faith and sports. They also talk about how the COVID-19 lockdown has positively affected their relationships with God and their families.

“This is intentional. God doesn’t do anything by accident,” NFL quarterback Luke McCown says. “God either ordains or allows every circumstance or situation. This is just one of those things.”

McCown believes God is using coronavirus to cause “everything to slow down.” This has given him a better appreciation of his family.

Reading the Bible Together and Resting

L.A. Rams receiver Brandin Cooks says he is using the downtime to read the Bible with his wife.

“It’s been awesome from that aspect because now she knows how to challenge me in a way that she didn’t know how to challenge me before. I think this time has been very fortunate for that.”

Cooks also emphasized the importance of rest and how it allows Christians to focus on God more.

“I think during this time right now, we need to figure out a way to rest. I am not saying lounge around,” he explains. “But I am more so saying rest and what it means to rest in His word, praying and getting that reset button and being restored at a time like this.”

Refocus on Being a Light to the World

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright referenced the biblical directive of being a light in this world.

“As Christians, we are called to be the light. In this time, there is a lot of negativity around. This is time that we can spend encouraging others to make us look different.”

He also expressed how the quarantine has allowed him to reorder his priorities.

“There are just so many distractions that pull us in 12,000 different ways all the time,” he says. “This is the time that if we are going to make the most of a bad situation, we could use this to really settle down and get our priorities straight.”

Tune in every Wednesday for the “Huddle UP” live stream to hear from some of your favorite athletes and how they are growing during this difficult time.

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