Popular Hollywood Set Designer Abandons Homosexual Lifestyle for Christ

Popular Hollywood Set Designer Abandons Homosexual Lifestyle for Christ

700 Club

A man who worked as a Hollywood set designer with stars such as Katy Perry and Paris Hilton has been freed of his homosexual lifestyle. He credits giving his life to Christ and hopes to encourage others struggling with the same sin to do the same.

Homosexuality at a Very Young Age

Set designer Becket Cook shared his testimony this month on the 700 Club. He’s also written a book titled “A Change of Affection: A Gay Man’s Incredible Story of Redemption,” describing his journey from homosexuality to Christ.

“At a very young age, I knew that I was attracted to the same sex. I had to keep it to myself. I dated girls. In elementary school, I went steady with girls. In high school, I dated girls. But it was all a facade,” Cook told CBN.

“After college, I ended up moving to L.A. to pursue acting and writing and… a creative field. I just came out to everyone. That’s when I fully embraced homosexuality as my identity.”

Cook said he was well-liked and very successful. He attended “all the shows” and “went to all the after-parties.”

“I was very successful in my career as a set designer, production designer. I was doing covers for Vogue and for Harper’s Bazaar,” Cook said. “And I worked with a lot of pop stars like Katy Perry and Paris Hilton and Oprah… Everyone you can imagine, I worked with them. And I also started my own men’s fashion line.”

Pondering the Meaning of Life

Cook then talked about how things began to change in his life. While attending one of his many after-parties, he said he began pondering the meaning of life.

“I was… looking out over the crowd. It just struck me so profoundly. I was like: Is that all there is to life? Just going to parties for the rest of my life? Is that all? Is this what it’s all about? And I really started to panic that night. I was overwhelmed with a sense of emptiness,” Cook recalled.

While sitting at a coffee shop in L.A. with a fellow gay friend, he noticed a group of people conducting a Bible study nearby. Cook, who was a “practicing atheist” at the time, asked the members of the group if they were Christians. The group confirmed that they were.

Cook then asked, “So what does your church in Hollywood believe about homosexuality?” They said, “Well, you know, we believe it’s a sin.” Cook said he appreciated their candor and that they invited him to church the following Sunday.

‘Something Strange Started Happening’

Although reluctant to attend church, Cook decided to take the Christians up on their offer.

“The pastor… starts preaching on Romans chapter seven, [and] something strange started happening. Everything he was saying – every word he was saying, every sentence he was saying – started to resonate this truth in my mind [and] my heart. And I didn’t know why,” Cook said.

It was the first time Cook had ever heard the gospel. He said he was on the edge of his seat during the entire sermon. At the end of the service he walked to the front of the church and told someone, “I don’t know what I believe, but I’m here.”

As a counselor prayed with him, Cook felt the Holy Spirit and said that “God revealed Himself to me. At that moment, I knew it to the core of my being, that being gay was no longer who I was. But I didn’t care. I had just met Jesus Christ.”

Although he understands that many in Hollywood will not believe his testimony, he knows that his happiness doesn’t come from this world.

“It’s a joy that comes from Christ. With God, I feel this unconditional love from Him that will never leave. He’ll never leave or forsake me. I’m happy to leave that dead man behind because [Christ is] worth it,” Cook confidently said.

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