Patient Gives Life to Christ After Doctor Prays for Him Before Surgery

Patient Gives Life to Christ After Doctor Prays for Him Before Surgery


After an anesthesiologist informed Dr. Michael Haglund that a surgery would need to be canceled because the patient’s blood pressure was too high, the Duke University surgeon cried out to God for help.

Not only did the patient’s blood pressure go down, but the surgery proceeded as scheduled. Six weeks later, the patient returned to the hospital to tell Dr. Haglund that “something changed.”

Prayer Works in the Medical Field

Dr. Haglund, one of the country’s top cervical surgeons, recalled the entire incident during an interview with CBN News. From beginning to end, God was healing the patient physically so that spiritual healing could take place soon after.

“The anesthesiologist comes in the room and says, ‘Mike, we’re not going to be able to do the surgery,'” Dr. Haglund recalled. After asking why he couldn’t perform the surgery, the anesthesiologist said, “Because his blood pressure is like 220/120. We can’t put someone to sleep with that kind of blood pressure.”

Dr. Haglund then said, “Well, at least let me pray for him before you cancel.” To that, the anesthesiologist responded, “Okay, fine, whatever.”

After Dr. Haglund prayed over his patient, his blood pressure slowly dropped to an acceptable level.

“So, I go on, and I pray for him, and he calms down a little bit. It went from 220 down to like 170,” Dr. Haglund told CBN News. “We do his surgery, he does great, pain’s gone, gets back to work in two weeks.”

Lives Made New Through the Gospel

The patient’s drop in blood pressure and successful surgery is only half the story. Six weeks following surgery, the patient returned to the hospital to talk to Dr. Haglund.

“I see him at six weeks, and he comes in. He goes, ‘You know that prayer you prayed for me?’ And I go, ‘Yeah.’ He goes ‘Something changed. Something’s different.’ And so like right there in the clinic we like prayed, and he accepted Christ and, you know, that’s what it’s all about,” Dr. Haglund rejoiced.

Over the course of his professional career, Dr. Haglund has seen the power of prayer in the lives of patients as well as other physicians. Not only has he had the opportunity to talk about prayer with his colleagues on a scientific level, he’s also done so on a personal level.

Just ask pharmaceutical professional Kimberly Stanley, who met Dr. Haglund at a medical conference. He was able to share the truth of the Gospel, changing her life for ever.

“I was really actually not wanting to go to this meeting, I just wanted to be at home. But, just really kind of lost and just knew that something was missing in my life,” Stanley recalled.

“He began to help me connect those dots and just putting words to the gospel in a conversation was just so critical for me that somebody who didn’t even know me would care to share that truth with me,” she added.

Dr. Haglund proceeded to pray with Stanley, introducing her to the One who could fill the void in her life.

“He just led me in a prayer that was very simple. I can’t remember the exact words, but it was just a very simple prayer, and I just immediately knew it was right,” Stanley said. “I had been saved from death to life.”

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