Pastor Timothy Keller Cancer Update: ‘Report is Very Encouraging’

Pastor Timothy Keller Cancer Update: ‘Report is Very Encouraging’

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Pastor and Theologian Timothy Keller on Friday announced via Twitter that he is making progress in his cancer battle against cancer. He said God “has heard” the prayers made on his behalf, revealing that his treatments have been effective.

‘Very Encouraging’ Results

Keller first revealed his cancer diagnosis back in June via his Instagram account.

“Less than three weeks ago, I didn’t know I had cancer,” he wrote earlier this summer. “Today, I’m heading to the National Cancer Institute at the NIH for additional testing before beginning chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer…”

On Monday, Keller said his oncologists told him his scans showed “very encouraging” results.

“There has been shrinkage of the tumors and so we are continuing the chemo in order to diminish the cancer further,” he wrote on Twitter.

Keller also said his diagnosis and treatment have compelled him and his wife, Kathy, “to seek God’s face as we never [have] before.”

“He is giving us more of his sensed presence, more freedom from our besetting sins, more dependence on his Word — things that we had sought for years, but only under these circumstances are we finding them,” he said.

Keller also thanked everyone who has been praying for him during this difficult time.

“Dear Praying Friends, Kathy & I want to thank you for your many expressions of support, and for your faithfulness in praying for us. We have been acutely aware of those prayers, and God has heard them,” Keller said.

“We humbly beg that you all continue your prayers for the effectiveness of the treatment and minimal side effects to accompany it. Your prayers and concern mean more than we can express. Thanks so much!” he added.

Christian Leaders Show Support for Keller

Several Christian leaders shared their support for Keller and his wife following the oncologist’s good report.

Fellow pastor and Christian author James Merritt responded, “Praying for your complete healing!”

Teacher Trillin Newbell wrote, “Grateful for this update. Continuing to pray!”

Professor Denny Burk also rejoiced in the good news saying, “Praying now, brother. Thank you for sharing this update.”

Prior to his most recent bout with cancer, Keller fought thyroid disease years ago. In 2008, he said his battle helped him eliminate any doubts he had about God. In fact, his experience influenced his decision to publish his famous book, “The Reason for God.”

“It was both an intellectual and emotional experience: You’re facing death, you’re not sure you’re going to get over the cancer. And the rigorous intellectual process of going through all the alternative explanations for how the Christian Church started,” Keller said. “Expect the resurrection, none of them are even tenable. It was quite an experience.”

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