A Three-Line Prayer That Could Change Your Life

Megan Smith May 6, 2021

Attitude in life makes all the difference, and developing a loving attitude backed by faith can be transforming. Here is a three-line prayer that can help you create an attitude of love, faith, and confidence. The “life-changing” three-line prayer One of the most influential self-help books is called “The Power …

Forgiving Others Who Hurt Us Deeply

Dolores O'Leary April 29, 2021

Forgiveness is hard. The more someone has hurt us, the more difficult and seemingly impossible forgiveness becomes. The Bible instructs us that we must forgive, forgiveness is God’s will, always possible and it heals us. Forgiveness Is Hard But Necessary “For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father …

Eyewitnesses to Christ

Dolores O'Leary April 22, 2021

Throughout history, eyewitness accounts have been the method for establishing credibility, guilt, and innocence. When it comes to the Bible and the life of Jesus Christ, why don’t more people believe the eyewitnesses? Seeing Is believing “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his …

Bible Answers on Everyday Life to Help You Find Inner Peace

Dolores O'Leary April 15, 2021

Here is guidance from Bible quotes that focus on everyday life that will give you direction and answers, while helping you to be less critical of yourself and others and guide you toward finding your inner peace! 1. Finding strength in God and recognizing yours “I can do all things …

Avoid Becoming an Entangled Christian

Dolores O'Leary April 8, 2021

Christians are increasingly finding themselves entangled in worldly affairs, social justice causes, and politics. They often try to connect their religion to such things, but God’s word is incompatible and separate from the world. As Christians, our commander is Christ, who warns us that neither He nor we are of …

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