Newly Launched ‘Faithful’ App Provides Ad-Free Content From Christian Leaders, Influencers

Newly Launched ‘Faithful’ App Provides Ad-Free Content From Christian Leaders, Influencers

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Innovative technology company Seventh Spark recently announced the release of its latest mobile app Faithful. The “first-of-its-kind” application will deliver sermons and creative content from some of the country’s top Christian leaders and influencers.

A Deeper Connection With God

According to the app’s website, Faithful was developed to “deepen the way people connect with God and to empower positive change through on-demand inspiration and curated content…”

The app includes powerful messages from over 50 motivational speakers and pastors from around the globe.

These Christian leaders include Steven Furtick of Elevation Church, Dr. Dharius Daniels of Change Church, Christian author and leader Sadie Robertson, Erwin McManus of Mosaic Church, and many more.

Navigating the Faithful app is simple and intuitive. It provides a personalized experience in which users can choose content based on specific themes and topics such as depression, confidence, and joy.

The app allows listeners to discover new voices while they learn from some of their favorites.

Free and Paid Subscriptions With Zero Ads

Faithful’s app provides both free and paid subscriptions, accompanied by background music and void of advertisements.

While the free content includes thousands of hours of sermons and messages, the premium subscription provides original content.

Content included with the paid subscription includes guided prayers and masterclasses, which are ten-part series covering topics such as relationships and identity. The option to create a playlist is also available, allowing users to listen to shorter clips of sermons for daily inspiration.

“Surprisingly, there’s nothing else out there like Faithful. Millions of people are watching sermons on video platforms like YouTube, but there is no single mobile app that brings this inspirational content all together in an innovative, solution-oriented way,” Marissa Bell, co-founder and CEO of Seventh Spark, explained.

“Our goal is to help people keep faith an everyday part of their life and draw inspiration from a diverse group of faith leaders.”

How The Faithful App Is Different

CBN News recently asked Pastor Samuel Rodriguez of New Season Worship, whose sermons are featured on the new app, how Faithful is different from all the other apps available.

“The experience on Faithful takes the sermons we work so hard to create and curates them into new experiences that can fit into just a few minutes each day, or can provide help on a specific topic or issue from multiple voices,” Rodriguez replied.

“I’m also really excited about Faithful users being able to discover amazing voices from all over the world and listen to messages they never would have found otherwise.”

The app is available now to download on Google Play and the Apple Store. The premium subscription costs $69.99 annually or $9.99 a month. All new users will be able to experience Faithful’s premium content through a seven-day free trial.

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