New ‘VeggieTales’ Series is a Combination of Muppets and Vintage ‘VeggieTales,’ Co-Creator Says

New ‘VeggieTales’ Series is a Combination of Muppets and Vintage ‘VeggieTales,’ Co-Creator Says

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For those who grew up watching the iconic talking vegetables, Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato, you’re in for a treat. A collection of new VeggieTales episodes is being released this fall containing the same great humor and Bible-centered teaching as the originals.

A Combination of Muppets and Vintage ‘VeggieTales’

The new series, dubbed The VeggieTales Show, will feature original hosts Bob and Larry as they produce a variety show for a live audience.

Each episode includes hilarious inside jokes appropriate for both parents and their children. Most importantly, however, each show will still include Bible-centered lessons for all to enjoy.

TBN’s kid-focused service, Yippee, will stream the newest iteration of the VeggieTales franchise. Co-creator Mike Nawrocki describes the new version as “the Muppet Show meets classic VeggieTales.”

“One of the things that we always concentrated on with VeggieTales is that core biblical component: God made you special and He loves you very much,” Nawrocki said.

“The really fun thing about this new series is that, because of the way that it’s structured, we typically will tell two short stories in the context of the 22 minutes. One of them will always be a Bible story. And sometimes we have two Bible stories in there.”

TBN will air 18 new episodes of VeggieTales, starting with a Christmas Special that will debut in the fall. Nawrocki and fellow show creator Phil Vischer wrote a majority of the new episodes. The pair will reprise their roles as Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber.

‘The VeggieTales Show’ Format

The new VeggieTales show will be set in a theater owned by Mr. Nezzer. Each show starts with a question from a kid, which will be answered in a stage performance by hosts Bob and Larry, Junior Asparagus, and others.

Leslie Ferrell, senior vice president of the Big Idea Content Group, said the show will retain its classic feel and values. While it will update the animation and feel of the show, the message of VeggieTales will remain the same.

“Bob and Larry are all about the kids,” Ferrell said. “That’s just what they are. They want to help the kids know God, know they’re loved by God and follow God. So that had to stay.”

One thing that will never change is Bob the Tomato’s aspirations of leading a show just like Mister Rogers.

“Mister Rogers is Bob’s hero. But that’s the thing that drives Bob crazy. When Mister Rogers does Mister Rogers, everything goes perfectly. Nothing ever goes wrong on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. And Bob wants that for his show, but he can never achieve it.”

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