More Than 200 People Give Their Lives to Jesus at Georgia ‘Awakening’ Revival

More Than 200 People Give Their Lives to Jesus at Georgia ‘Awakening’ Revival


Approximately 90 miles south of Savannah, Georgia, the Spirit of God is moving across the small city of Swainsboro. Well over 200 people, mostly between the ages of 13 and 20, have surrendered their lives to Christ during ongoing revival services.

The Power of God Has Fallen

Evangelist D.R. Harrison has been the featured speaker during a 4-week revival series called Swainsboro Awakening, Awake America Again Tent Crusade held at Hillcrest Baptist Church.

The response, especially among young people, has been so strong that another big tent will be needed to accommodate those who are showing up to the services.

“The pastor called back earlier in the year and invited us to come, and they’d been praying and seeking the face of God, and from the first service, the Power of God began to fall in this town,” Harrison informed CBN News.

“And literally, teenagers are coming from everywhere, from all backgrounds, social statuses, high school, middle school, and the church is literally packed out with teens every night, searching for hope in Jesus Christ,” he added.

Pastor Harrison said although his group has been a part of many successful revivals over the past years, the response in Swainsboro is unlike anything he’s ever seen or been a part of.

“I’ve seen some great revivals in the last four years since being saved, but I’ve never personally seen God move among young people like he’s doing in this town … It literally is amazing to see,” Harrison exclaimed.

Forgetting the Former Things

Harrison also noted that the young people who had accepted Jesus as Savior were immediately changed. Not only did they commit to letting go of the things associated with their life before Christ, they also started bringing their friends to the revival.

“And then they’re coming, and they’re getting saved. We’ve experienced kids laying their drugs on the altar, their vapes on the altar, and then immediately after getting saved, going out and standing on the streets, holding signs, saying, ‘Jesus loves you,’ ‘Jesus changed my life,’ ‘Come to Revival and help yourself,'” Harrison explained.

“I mean just it’s unbelievable what God is doing in these young people in this town of Swainsboro, Georgia,” he continued.

Harrison also shared one particular time of prayer his group had before services began. As they were praying, “people were literally lined up outside the church” asking “God to send a revival to their town, to the state of Georgia and to America.”

“And I believe it’s as possible now as it’s ever been,” he added. “And this is the most amazing time ever to be a Christian right before Jesus comes.”

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