L.A. Pastor Releases New Leadership Book, Encourages Christians to Use Their Influence for Good

L.A. Pastor Releases New Leadership Book, Encourages Christians to Use Their Influence for Good

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Chad Veach, well-known author and pastor of Zoe Church in Los Angeles, California, just released his newest book. He says he hopes the book encourages people to tap into their leadership potential. He also urges Christians to prioritize using their influence for the good of the Kingdom.

Veach’s First Book on Leadership

In an interview with The Christian Post, Veach said his new book, Help: I Work With People, was written based on something God had laid on his heart several years ago. He said John 3:16 is the most important and impactful verse in the world because of its focus on the “whomsoevers” that God’s son died for.

“God was speaking to me about writing my first leadership book. … There’s nothing that God loves more than humanity. I wanted to write a book that was all about people because we really need to turn our heart toward humanity,” Veach said.

“The spirit of [the book] isn’t, ugh… ‘Help! I work with people!’ It’s more like the Apostle Paul; I want to win with people. So I become all things to all people, only so that I can win them over to Jesus,” the megachurch pastor explained.

Leadership That’s Modeled After Christ

Zoe Church is home to many Hollywood celebrities such as actor Chris Pratt and reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian. Veach isn’t concerned about any criticism that may come from others who see him attending events and parties. He’s confident that his leadership and evangelist method is modeled after Jesus.

“One thing we have to always remember about Jesus is that He was highly criticized for who He was associated with. I don’t think it really swayed Him or discouraged Him. I don’t think it really moved His ministry and I think He knew His audience,” Veach said.

Veach said his new book on leadership is “all about saying we love people from all backgrounds.” It does not matter what “sin cycle they’re in.”

“I don’t think Jesus was hanging around notorious sinners, famous sinners, worried about being contaminated. He was injecting them with faith, infusing them with love. They weren’t contaminating Him,” Veach assured.

Christians Need to Use Their Influence for Good

Veach also said he hopes his book helps Christians develop Christ-like people skills in order to impact others’ lives in a positive way.

“We’ve got to get really good at using our influence for good. Having leadership and people skills. We’ve got to develop people skills. In fact, we can’t win with people that don’t like us. So in order for you to work with somebody, they got to first like you, so we can’t just live off our faith,” Veach explained.

“That’s why they would come around Jesus and they would listen to Him talk. They marveled at His gracious words and His authority. So what was He? He had unbelievable influence and leadership and people skills,” the pastor emphasized.

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