Kirk Cameron Criticized For Hosting Christmas Carol “Protest” Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Kirk Cameron Criticized For Hosting Christmas Carol “Protest” Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


Kirk Cameron is facing backlash after he shared videos from his Christmas caroling protest amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Growing Pains star decided to hold the protest earlier this month following California Governor Gavin Newson’s stay-at-home order, which has shut down small businesses and restaurants throughout the state. 

Christmas Carol Protest

“Christmas in Community! Peaceful Protest in Song!” the 50-year-old shared on Instagram on Sunday, December 13. The video shows a large group of people singing Christmas music, none of whom are wearing masks or socially distancing themselves from others.

Right before the gathering, Cameron took to social media to tell his followers he was excited to sing in protest.

“So many friends, so much of our community is gathered and ready to sing at the top of our voices, right next to the mall. … We’re going to be celebrating our God-given liberties, our Constitutionally-protected rights at this time at Christmas,” he said. “This is going to be an incredible time tonight.”

Criticized For Not Following Safety Guidelines

While there were a number of Cameron’s followers who appreciated the Christmas carols and his decision to protest, there were others who criticized him for disregarding the health and safety of those around him.

“This is one of the most irresponsible things I’ve seen lately…to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin,” one person commented on his post.

“It’s not peaceful if you spreading COVID,” somebody else wrote, while another commented, “Beautiful singing but irresponsible that no one is wearing a mask! Shame on you for not encouraging others to be safe and protect others!!”

A fourth person wrote, “Peaceful protest? What are you protesting? The safety guidelines of the CDC to avoid spreading a deadly virus and overworking the broken medical staff during the highest peak of the pandemic because you don’t want to wear a mask and you want to go outside and carol?!”

Cameron Responds to Backlash

After receiving a lot of backlash due to the protests, Cameron took to social media once again to respond to the critics. He even shared a video of himself discussing the topic with pastor Rob McCoy.

My Response, Christmas Caroling Peaceful Protest,” he wrote. “Have you ever watched the eye-opening, heart bursting movie, ‘The Giver’  with Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep?”

He continued, “Today’s government leaders’ ‘safety rules’ of ‘no singing,’ ‘wear your mask at all times’ and ‘socially distance’ seem like they’re straight out of a scene from this scary movie about redefining life and reality for the ‘safety of the community.’ Watch as Pastor Rob McCoy and I talk about the human need for hope and empathy.”

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