Is Your Prideful Attitude Hurting God?

The Dodge Ran SRT 10. Big, powerful, stylish, bold – a truck that countless men and women wouldn’t mind driving to church every Sunday, with a trip to the lumber yard afterward. That’s just the vibe this vehicle gives, right? Well, consider just why you envy this truck, and its owners, so much.

The Bible teaches us not to envy others and wish for their things, but to be content with our own lives. It’s fine to look at a Dodge Ram SRT 10 in great condition and think wow, that’s a nice truck, but when you start coveting that, hoarding money to get one, or neglecting healthy thoughts, you create a toxic environment within yourself. When you foster these toxic thoughts, you leave less room within yourself for God.

Stop being prideful and coveting things you do not have. Instead, be thankful for what you do have and find a healthy outlet for those thoughts.

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