International Evangelist Says Word of God Is Key to Bringing Wayward Children Back to Christ

International Evangelist Says Word of God Is Key to Bringing Wayward Children Back to Christ


Many consider international evangelist Luis Palau to be the Latin American equivalent of Billy Graham. His impact on the Hispanic community for the sake of the Kingdom is unrivaled.

In a recent message delivered online, Palau encouraged parents to instill biblical principles into the lives of their children. He said the Word of God is the key to bringing wayward children back to Christ.

Being ‘Good’ Doesn’t Mean You Know Christ

During the two-day virtual Promise Keepers 2020 Men’s Conference, Luis and his son Andrew shared how Scripture was integral to Andrew’s conversion as a young adult.

Prior to Andrew’s birth, Luis Palau’s mother said Andrew was going to grow up and become the next great evangelist. Luis said he took his mother’s words seriously as she was “a prayerful woman.” As Andrew got older, Luis said his son was “good,” but “he didn’t know Jesus Christ,” and it was evident.

“My wife used to say, ‘If he’s got feathers like a bird, if he flies like a bird, if he chirps like a bird, he’s a bird, and Andrew is not a child of God,’” Luis recalled. “People were shocked when she would say that, but she would say, ‘No, but he will be someday,’ and he was.”

Andrew’s Conversion to Christ

While Andrew was working internationally, Luis said he would send his son letters. He included a Bible verse in each letter he wrote.

“Every letter had a Bible verse and I really drove it home. I remember saying to the Lord, ‘Lord, what do I tell Andrew? I mean, he knows the Gospel, but what do I tell him?’ And I felt the Lord saying to me, ‘Just remind him that God has a plan and a purpose,’” Luis recalled. “So I often used to say, ‘Andrew, God has a plan for your life, and it’s got to be glorious because it’s of God.’”

Andrew would eventually accept Christ at the age of 27. He did so after hearing his father preach at an evangelistic event in Jamaica.

“In the face of 27 years of my rebellion against God and the ways of the family, dad and mom… prayed for me faithfully. Then they lived the life. Their testimony was sound and strong. Not perfect, but that testimony was so powerful to me as a young man,” Andrew said.

The Word of God Is the Key

During his virtual sermon, Luis stressed that the Word of God is the key to raising children in the Lord. Along with a faithful witness, the Bible can bring a wayward child into the arms of the Savior.

“It has power. So when you teach your son and try to implant biblical truth, remember to work on memory work, Bible verses. That will never go away… Plant the Word of God. It’s the powerful dynamite. Stick by your son, even if he’s not walking with the Lord or he may not know the Lord,” Luis emphasized.

“Your son, your daughter can lead people to Jesus Christ if you plant biblical principles in their heart. Plant the seed in your children, evangelize, win people to Christ. You’ll have no regrets at the end of your life.”

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