God Hates Bad Drivers: Be Better, for Him

If you’re online searching for how to get your car fixed, or car insurance for bad drivers, you should perhaps take a moment and ask yourself how you got here. How did you become such a bad driver, and why are you treating it like it isn’t a big deal? God isn’t pleased with this, you know.

Just because you find good insurance for bad drivers doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change your ways, too. When you drive dangerously or recklessly you put not just your own life at risk, but the lives of everyone around you. A soccer mom driving her kids back from practice, a teenager driving for the first time, a grandmother… you are risking all of their lives. Driving safely and paying attention isn’t hard, and it is much more respectful to Him and all that He has created.

Be safe. Be smart. Respect the life that He has given you and all of the beautiful things that comes with it.

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