Fox Chief Religious Correspondent: What the Media Gets Wrong About Faith

Fox Chief Religious Correspondent: What the Media Gets Wrong About Faith

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The chief correspondent of religion for Fox News recently revealed in an interview that there is “absolutely” bias against faith by many in the mainstream media, as she highlights what media gets wrong about faith.

“Absolutely” bias against faith among many in the mainstream media, Fox chief religious correspondent says

In a recent interview with Faithwire, Lauren Green, who serves as the chief religion correspondent for Fox News Channel, spoke out regarding the things that mainstream media gets wrong about faith, CBN News reported.

What mainstream media doesn’t understand about faith

Within the media landscape, very few seem to truly understand the theological nuances of religion. Even in the United States, the media covering religion now does not grasp the differences within Christianity further, according to Green, there is “absolutely” a bias against faith among many in the mainstream media.

Western media pushes idea of pluralism

There is a notion, particularly in the Western world, that all religions are the same, or essentially all worship the same God, and can be grouped together in religious pluralism. Green argues that many reporters operate from that false premise.

“One of the big mistakes mainstream media makes is that they don’t understand the nature of most religions and they’re trying to project a secular humanist understanding of religions, which is that all religions are basically the same,” Green points out.

“That is absolutely not theologically true,” Green argues, emphasizing that it cannot be assumed that all religions are “equal” to one another.

“For anybody that actually believes in their faith — and I don’t care if you’re Christian or Muslim or Jewish, Buddhist or whatever — you believe that your faith is the truth,” Green says. “So they can’t all be equal.”

Green further argues that the “means of salvation” differs greatly among religions.

“I think that’s where most mainstream media don’t understand the nature of religions,” Green says.

The Faithwire interview of Green can be seen here in its entirety on YouTube.

Choose wisely: “You will always worship something”

Green, 63, says her original goal was to be a concert pianist. However, she grew up in a Christian home, and she developed an affinity for church history and religion more broadly while studying music in college. That background eventually led her to where she is now.

She points out that when John Lennon released the song Imagine in 1971, the lines from the song strike her differently today than they did at the time…

Imagine there’s no countries / It isn’t hard to do / Nothing to kill or die for / And no religion, too

“It strikes me so hard today because he was so wrong,” Green says. “You will always worship something.”

“The human condition is that we are going to worship something,” Green continued. “And if you don’t make a decision about what you’re worshipping, something else will come in there as the default idol, and this is what the Bible warns against.”

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