Former ‘Counting On’ TV Star Loses Partnership Over Homosexual Beliefs

Former ‘Counting On’ TV Star Loses Partnership Over Homosexual Beliefs

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A Los Angeles donut company recently ended its partnership with 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On star Jinger Dugger Vuolo. Although Fonuts didn’t explain its decision in full detail, critics of Vuolo cited her biblically-based view of homosexuality as the reason for the terminated working relationship.

Fonuts Admits to Making a Mistake

Fonuts planned to release a new “Jingerbread” donut this month and wanted Vuolo to help promote it across her social media accounts. However, after doing some further research, the donut company decided to cut ties with Vuolo once they discovered “who she really was.”

“We apologize for our recent poor choice of promotional partner. We were shocked and dismayed to learn about who we were associating with,” an official release from Fonuts read. “We recognize we really made a mistake by not properly researching them. We promise to be more diligent in the future and will only work with people who truly represent our core values of kindness, inclusivity, and transparency.”

Reactions of Backlash and Support

After posting their apology on Twitter, Fonuts received both backlash and support from its followers:

  • “Thank you @fonuts for canceling the contract. She is a Duggar, she made money being a Duggar and she still trades off the name. She and her husband are not inclusive. Good job.” @LindaAma
  • I am so shocked to hear that @fonuts have stopped their contract with @jingervuolo! Jinger has not done anything wrong! I think this is an unlawful act and she should sue you for your terrible behavior and vile slander of her good nature!” @MegsyHyde
  • “Thank you! Hopefully, the Vuolos will someday denounce their hateful, narrow-minded views of trans and homosexual individuals as well as Catholics. Christianity should be truly about love and acceptance for all!” @CSerowinski
  • “This couple is nothing like her family. She is classy and has been breaking all of their rules. You made a big mistake. I will make sure you have a bad rating. You do not judge a person for their family. Stop being stupid.” @jag101865

Should Christians Feel Outraged?

Last month, Chick-fil-A announced that it would be restructuring its philanthropic strategy in regard to how the company would distribute its charitable funds. Many Christians felt betrayed and abandoned after the Christian-based chicken restaurant allegedly “caved” to the pressure of the LGBTQ community.

The Christian community wanted its beloved Chick-fil-A to hold fast to its biblical view against homosexuality. This is completely understandable.

But isn’t Fonuts allowed the same freedom? Regardless of whether or not the donut company was influenced by PC culture, shouldn’t they want to partner with someone that holds the same core values? Sure, the company should have performed better research before choosing a marketing partner, but why is the Christian community so outraged?

These are just some questions to think about, but let’s make sure we aren’t being hypocritical ourselves. Companies align themselves with celebrities, charities, and other organizations based on their core values.

Fonuts certainly could have handled the situation better–and it’s unfortunate for Vuolo–but let’s lean on the spirit to help us respond as Christ would.

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