‘Eyewitness’ Uses Visual Design, First-Person Perspective to Explore Bible Through Narrative Storytelling

‘Eyewitness’ Uses Visual Design, First-Person Perspective to Explore Bible Through Narrative Storytelling

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Over the years, artists and Christian publishers have experimented with different ways to make the stories of the Bible more appealing to those who are unfamiliar with God’s Word or who are intimated by the Scriptures for various reasons.

Eyewitness: The Visual Bible Experience, released by Group Publishing, is a first-of-its-kind approach in telling biblical stories through narrative storytelling and visual aids.

Innovative Way to Share Bible Stories

While careful not to equate itself with the Bible, Eyewitness explores 35 true-to-scripture stories from the first-person perspective of characters involved in those historical events.

The book uses impeccable artwork designed by 16 international artists to help people see biblical protagonists and antagonists in more digestible ways.

Group Publishing CEO Thom Schultz made it clear that his team’s goal was to help others understand the Bible in a meaningful way. “Our goal is to make the Bible come alive for people, through the stories told in the book,” Schultz said.

Schultz also explained the book’s author, Jeff White, spent a year turning the Bible stories into a narrative “before receiving feedback and expert advice from biblical scholars and theologians.”

He added that because Eyewitness is an unconventional and imaginative approach to biblical characters from a first-person perspective, scholars had to verify that the stories were accurate and true.

How ‘Eyewitness’ Came Together

When asked how the artwork process of Eyewitness came together, Schultz revealed that “each artist was given the story and asked to draw what they had read.” He felt this was the best way to give the artists creative freedom while also keeping God’s Word intact.

“With more than 120 imaginative illustrations by a diverse group of artists from all over the world, Eyewitness gives you a bold, visual experience that will both inspire and surprise you,” the website description reads.

“You’ll come face to face with the real people of the Bible who share their innermost thoughts and feelings — from a first-person perspective — as their extraordinary journeys with God unfold.”

Schultz went on to say the “entire staff was drawn in” after the project was completed. He shared that “we knew we had something that people would want to engage in.”

Schultz is confident that Eyewitness will help people all over the world to engage with God’s Word and learn more about His story for mankind.

Eyewitness is also for people who are familiar or not familiar with Biblical stories,” Schultz said. “I want people to see God’s story in a format that’s digestible for them where they are at in life.”

For a free sample chapter, visit the website and complete this form.

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