Does The Bible Ever Make Hating Someone Okay?

It’s hard when you’re reading the news and seeing so many people deal with the side effects of mesothelioma stages, just because of a bad chemical compound in a retail product, not to hate whoever put it on the market and exposed them. After all, these are innocent people, innocent Christians, and they had their lives changed forever because they simply picked the wrong bottle.

Jesus was very against hate, even if you argue that in his time, they didn’t have mesothelioma stages. He taught us on His time on earth that we shouldn’t hate, but forgive those who have wronged us and be the bigger person. When you have anger or vengeance in your heart, you don’t have room for love or compassion.

If you’re struggling, you need to pray on the feelings and try to work through them, without taking that anger out on those around you. Yes, cancer is awful. Yes, terrible things happen every single day. But you can be bigger and better than those who do them.

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