Does God Want You To Suffer? How To Deal With Being Sick

You may feel hopeless or alone while managing AFib symptoms, or dealing with other serious health issues. Many Christians feel lost or confused, wondering what they possibly did wrong to deserve this from Him? Does God want us to suffer, or is this somehow a cruel part of His plan?

No, God does not want you to suffer, but there are many factors here. God has given humans free will, which means that while he can set us up for success, we have to do the work. It can be a struggle dealing with serious health conditions, managing AFib symptoms, and dealing with life in general. But God will not give you more than you can handle, and He believes in you.

Struggling is all part of life. We struggle to move forward, to be better, to follow His word and His will. God doesn’t want you to suffer, but sometimes that is a part of life.

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