Christian Singer Jason Biddle Shares How God Rescued Him From Drug Addiction

Christian Singer Jason Biddle Shares How God Rescued Him From Drug Addiction

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Christian music artist Jason Biddle, who recently released a new single, “Come On In,” shared how God helped him overcome his drug addiction. After nearly dying from an overdose, Biddle is now using his music to impact others through his powerful testimony.

Praying for the Consequences

Biddle had tried out for the Cincinnati Reds before an injury forced him to take a job as a contractor. While working as a contractor, Biddle formed an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Knowing there was no way out unless God intervened, he asked for His help even if it meant suffering the consequences.

“When I prayed, I asked for consequences. I knew it was the only thing that would get me to stop,” Biddle said during an interview with The Christian Post.

Shortly after his plea with God, Biddle nearly died of an overdose in 2017 while with his children. Following his overdoses, he checked into a Christian treatment center where he realized that his substance abuse was merely a symptom of a larger problem.

“I made pride, control, money and impressing others the most important things in my life. They became idols that I was unknowingly worshiping,” Biddle said.

“God created us to worship. He also gave us free will. So if we are not worshiping God, we will worship something else. That something else will always let us down,” the Christian artist added. “When those idols let me down, a drink or a drug would fill that void until a chemical dependency was inevitable.”

Music as a Tool to Help Overcome Addiction

Biddle, who wrote his new single, “Come On In,” for a friend, said his music has been a tool for helping people overcome drug addiction as well as spread the Gospel.

“My songs are pieces of my testimony that I think people will connect with on various levels. My hope is that the Gospel will be echoed in the lyrics of each song. It’s not so much about the music as it is the story behind the music,” Biddle told CP.

“My story doesn’t focus on drugs and alcohol as much as it does on sin and idols — those things affect everyone. Drugs and alcohol may be my symptoms, but for others it’s anger, fear and resentment, among other things,” Biddle added. “We all have symptoms and potentially devastating repercussions from our sin.”

Biddle, who grew up in the Christian faith, said his relationship with Jesus Christ saved him and his family from addiction. All he wants to do now is praise His name.

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