Christian Rapper KB’s Newest Album Mixes Hip-Hop With Worship Music

Christian Rapper KB’s Newest Album Mixes Hip-Hop With Worship Music

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In late September, Christian rap artist KB released his latest album His Glory Alone, which fuses hip-hop beats with contemporary worship music. In a recent interview, he said the decision to mix the two styles together was prompted by the impact that church music has had on his life.

‘Glory is Something Everyone is Chasing’

KB, we recently left fellow rap artist Lecrae’s Reach Records for Sony’s Essential Sound, has always had the tagline HGA — His glory alone. He felt it was time to name an album after his signature proclamation.

He told The Christian Post that his mission has been to “help people realize who they were, and who God was.” He emphasized that once people understood God for His “goodness, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and strength” it would completely change their lives.

“Glory is something everyone is chasing. If you see it, you become obsessed with what you see because that’s who we are. We were made for glory and God is glory at its finest, at its highest,” KB explained.

“We see that glory now. All through the world, the Bible says that the earth is the Lord’s, the fullness thereof. So we’re constantly interacting with these echoes of God’s glory in food, Creation, good relationships, a good drink and a good laugh,” he added.

Worship’s Impact on KB’s Life and Career

The rapper revealed that he was not aware that contemporary Christian music and gospel music were segregated in churches throughout America. He learned that CCM was mostly associated with “white artists” and gospel with “black artists.”

After he became a follower of Christ at the age of 16, KB said he listened to a lot of Christian hip-hop music. It wasn’t until he attended Trinity Bible College in Florida that he discovered contemporary music.

“My first engagement with CCM was not racialized at all. I heard David Crowder singing a song, Glory of it All,” KB said. “I was on my face weeping over those songs. This music has been basically an accelerant for my Christian devotion and my love for God.”

His Glory Alone is comprised of 13 tracks, many of which feature worship songs. One of KB’s tracks is a recreation of Matt Redman’s chorus in “10,000 Reasons.” One of the Christian groups that has had the most impact on KB’s life is Hillsong.

“All I knew was these words, ‘Our God is mighty to save.’ That’s what I want to see. It had a profound impact on my formational years,” KB told CP.

“I predominantly was really captured by three artists who happen to be in this in CCM, and their music took me places. It kept me from places, and that is why you see it in my music because it had such a profound impact on me,” he added.

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