Christian Musician Colton Dixon Shares Miraculous Story of Twin Daughter Born Without Pulse

Christian Musician Colton Dixon Shares Miraculous Story of Twin Daughter Born Without Pulse

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Christian music artist Colton Dixon and his wife, Annie, recently revealed how they had to rely upon their faith in God while Annie was in labor. One of their twin daughters was born without a pulse and had to be resuscitated after birth.

Choosing ‘Faith or Fear’

In an exclusive interview with People magazine, the first-time parents shared their experience of a “not-so-perfect” delivery. The couple’s twin daughters, Athens Elizabeth and Ava Dior, were born on August 18, 2020.

While Elizabeth came out perfectly healthy, Dior was missing a pulse. At that moment, the couple had to make a decision: Trust in the Lord or panic.

“We never expected our little Ava Dior would arrive in the world without a pulse. At that moment, we had a choice: faith or fear,” Dixon told People magazine. “We watched and prayed as the doctors and nurses resuscitated our daughter back to life.”

Ava Dior pulled through and is doing well. The Dixon couple experienced a miracle first hand, and is praising God for his grace and mercy.

“After several days in the NICU, Dior was able to join us at home, happy and healthy. That was a great day. Life doesn’t always happen the way we want it to, but we believe that life is more about the way we respond to things than what happens to us,” Dixon added. “We thank God and our amazing doctors and nurses for our two little miracles.”

A Miracle in the Darkest of Times

Dixon just recently released his newest single, “Miracles.” He said his daughter’s birth “has given the song a whole new meaning to me.” On Instagram, Annie described her labor experience saying, “The battle is the Lord’s. So thankful.”

Dixon said he wanted to keep the delivery difficulty private. But after serious prayer and consideration, the couple decided to share their story with the world.

“We originally wanted to keep this story in the dark, but realized that this is a story of hope that needs to be heard. Just because a situation looks dark or grim doesn’t mean that you agree with it or give it control over the outcome,” Dixon shared on Instagram.

“God says, ‘I have given you the keys to the kingdom. Whatever you bind on earth will bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven,'” he continued.

“Sometimes we have to fight. Our words are a weapon. Our praise is a weapon. God declared us victorious as His sons and daughters, but according to His word, we have to agree with Him…”

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