Christian Music Group We The Kingdom Says Its Calling is to ‘Love Others Well’

Christian Music Group We The Kingdom Says Its Calling is to ‘Love Others Well’

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Grammy-nominated Christian band We The Kingdom recently sat down with The Christian Post to talk about their music and how they desire to use it to create community and unite people during difficult times.

Community at the Heart of Everything

We The Kingdom is an American contemporary family band consisting of brothers Ed and Scott Cash, Ed’s daughter Frannie, his son Martin, and their close friend Andrew Bergthold. During an interview, they revealed that one of their main goals is to “love others well.”

“Community is such a part of our heart; we started out at a Young Life camp in Atlanta, and since then, we’ve always tried to go places around the Earth and serve others to the best of our ability,” Martin explained.

“We want to love people well and figure out how we can bring other people alongside us… I think it’s so important for the Church and for music to unite people and bring them together. We’re excited to be a small part of it,” he added.

A ‘Haphazard’ Rise to Success

The tight-knit group told The Christian Post that their hit single “Holy Water,” which earned a Grammy nomination for “Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song,” was written somewhat haphazardly. They never imagined it would be the key to their success.

“We really procrastinated while writing the song, and I personally remember feeling like, ‘Wow, this song is pretty good and it’ll make the record,” Martin noted.

“But I never expected the nomination. It’s a song that’s grown on us the more we’ve played it and the more people have responded to it.”

Their second single, “God So Loved,” also climbed to the top of Billboard’s Christian Airplay chart. Just ahead of the holiday season, the band collaborated with Chris Tomlin for the song “Christmas Day.”

“Our sound is the combination of three different decades and five different tastes of music,” Martin expounded. “We all respect each other’s taste and really enjoy blending those together, and of course we love collaborating with other artists.”

Creating Music For Different Seasons of Life

Family friend and band member Andrew Bergthold told CP that We The Kingdom enjoys creating music and writing songs that “speak to different seasons of life and emotion.”

Whether they’re singing about the joys of forgiveness or the pain and sorrow of sin, the band feels its music speaks to all people in various ways.

“On our album, I think we naturally told the story of the last few years of our lives together and the healing processes we’ve all been through,” Bergthold said.

“It’s really cool to be on the other side and see how our songs connect with people because so many others have weathered the same kind of storms.”

The up-and-coming Christian band has a deluxe album scheduled to be released later in 2021.

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