Christian Hymn Writers Keith, Kristyn Getty Say Faith & Science Not Mutually Exclusive

Christian Hymn Writers Keith, Kristyn Getty Say Faith & Science Not Mutually Exclusive

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Irish-born contemporary hymn writers Keith and Kristyn Getty recently released “Consider the Stars,” the theme song for the upcoming documentary “Against the Tide: Finding God in an Age of Science.”

While discussing the film with The Christian Post, the couple said it’s “critical” that Christians understand that science and faith aren’t mutually exclusive.

Christianity in an Age of Reason

Keith and Kristyn Getty are behind some of the most beloved modern hymns sung during church services around the world, including “In Christ Alone,” and “The Power of the Cross.”

While the couple’s expertise lies in Christian music and arts, the knowledge they have gleaned from Kristyn’s uncle, Oxford mathematician and apologist John Lennox, has allowed them to confirm that “Christianity can hold up” to questions of science.

“So much in our culture is dead set in thinking that Christianity and science are at odds with one another. But we need to be students of our doubts and our questions and have the confidence to follow through with them,” Keith and Kristyn told CP.

“It’s important to figure out what our doubts are and have the courage to ask deep questions because sooner or later, our faith will be tested. It’s critical for us to know who it is that we believe in and what we believe in.”

Keith Getty also said that Lennox has always emphasized if “Christianity is true, we should have absolute confidence in its truth” in every area and discipline in life.

“We can talk to people of other religions, of no religion, we can take it to the most rebellious part of the arts or the loftiest part of the sciences, and have absolute confidence that this is all true,” Keith Getty affirmed.

“If it is not true, it’s foolishness. Christianity is not a family tradition. It’s not some superstition. It’s based on historical and scientific truth.”

Music’s Impact on How Christians Understand Faith

Keith and Kristyn also shared that they believe music “profoundly affects how we think about things” and “how we understand the faith.” As the couple penned “Count the Stars,” they “felt the urgency” of using songs to help their children understand God.

Keith added that throughout Scripture, God is “deeply concerned about what we sing.” He said the word “sing” is the “most common command” found in the Bible.

“[Singing is] profoundly important to the health of our faith. [It] speaks to our mind, to our emotions, to our memory, but also to our souls, to how we pray, think, act, and react,” Keith said.

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