Christian CEO of My Pillow Shifts 75% of Production to Make Medical Masks

Christian CEO of My Pillow Shifts 75% of Production to Make Medical Masks

Fox News / YouTube

Christian CEO and inventor of My Pillow Mike Lindell recently announced that his company would shift 75% of its production from making pillows to fashioning medical masks for healthcare givers who are on the front lines fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Private Sector Gets Involved

Lindell told Fox News Friday that he was motivated to shift production after President Trump encouraged the “private sector to get involved” in the fight against COVID-19. “My passion has always been to help people. What a better time?” he said.

Lindell mentioned that his company worked with the Trump administration to discover what materials were needed to create the masks.

“[The administration has] a coalition to what kind of masks are needed out there. Obviously, we specialize in cotton and we found out different materials that they didn’t want — latex… and stuff. So, finally, we got the final prototype three days ago (Tuesday March 24).”

The Manufacturing Process

According to Lindell, “It took us three days to change over a 200,000 [square-foot] factory into all-production for these masks. We’re making right now about 10,000 a day, and I’m hoping to get up to 50,000 a day very fast.”

He also stated that My Pillow is shipping all masks straight from the manufacturing facilities. “We’re doing the shipping. I’m shipping them out,” he reiterated.

“That’s what we do at My Pillow. So, a lot of this just fell right in line with what we do. And, I’ve also switched over other companies. I want every other manufacturer — see what you can do out there.”

My Pillow has factories in Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Minnesota — all of which Lindell wants to convert in an effort to aid medical workers during this crisis.

Former Crack-Addict Turned Christian

In a 2019 interview with, Lindell revealed that he was a “functioning crack-addict” for about three decades before kicking the habit in 2009. His addiction was so bad that his drug-dealers called for an intervention and refused to sell to him. Approximately one year later, he was no longer using.

He remembers the exact day he was freed from his crack-addiction but didn’t truly begin walking with Jesus until 2017.

“I got freed of all of my addictions January 16, 2009, but at that point I didn’t do a full surrender to Jesus,” he recalled. “I didn’t give a full surrender until February 18, 2017, so there’s quite a story in between where God was still chasing me.”

Lindell now spends time traveling the country and talking about his Christian faith.

“I am proactive in my prayers, I’m staying in the Word, praying, having the Holy Spirit, and being led by Him,” he said. “Every day I’m reading the Bible and journaling and praying. I’m in prayer groups. During the day, any decisions I make, I pray about them at My Pillow.”

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