Charlotte Pence Bond Talks About Her ‘Born Again’ Experience on New Podcast

Charlotte Pence Bond Talks About Her ‘Born Again’ Experience on New Podcast

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In the first episode of her new podcast called “Doubting It,” Vice President Mike Pence’s daughter Charlotte Pence Bond talks about her spiritual journey. She talked about how she went through her own “born-again experience” to understand what it truly means to live for Christ.

Make Sure You Address Spiritual Doubt

Bond’s new podcast show “explores the powerful issues of faith, culture and doubt… through powerful interviews with transformational guests.”

“Charlotte gets us thinking deeper about the power of asking questions — and how seeking truth can strengthen our faith in God and deepen our relationship with Him,” the official description reads.

Bond said that “doubt is something that most people experience when they are kind of going through their faith journey.” The podcast aims to be the “start of a conversation” to urge listeners not to shy away from addressing spiritual doubt.

“It can be common… to have these questions, especially if you are raised in a religious household…” Bond said. “That can be kind of intimidating because when you get out into the real world, it can be a little different and look a little different.”

‘God Was Running After Me’

During the podcast, Bond revealed that she wasn’t living the life a true believer of Christ should.

“I went to [church activities] and did not act like a Christ follower on the off days, I guess on the days that I wasn’t surrounded by people who were. I really was kind of living a little bit of a double life,” she confessed.

She said at the time she felt the Bible was “kind of antiquated” since it was “written a long time ago.” Bond said she “almost didn’t want Christianity to be the truth.” It would mean she would have to change what she was doing and who she was spending time with.

For most of her junior year in college, she only went to church once. During this time she thought to herself: “I am not doing this Christianity thing.” She had started reading atheists’ work and was close to atheistic professors at school. “I just started kind of trying it out,” Bond said.

“I didn’t fully turn away from my faith but I wanted to see if I really needed it. I looked back over this journal I kept and noticed all of the times that things of significance happened. I felt the need to write them down,” she said.

“What I really realized is that during that entire year, I was running away from God very actively. But the entire year, He was running after me.”

The Impact of a Worship Song

Toward the conclusion of her junior year while onboard an airplane during one of her last trips while studying abroad in England, Bond recalled that she started to cry while listening to a worship song.

“I just felt this overwhelming presence around me. I really can’t describe it as anything other than that. I felt that God was accepting me back,” she recalled. “That was really when I completely gave my life to Christ.”

Bond reconnected with some of her Christian friends who stuck by her during her difficult spiritual journey.

“They were watching me live this double life, loving me through it and seeing me on the other side of it,” she said. “I really felt like after that experience on the plane, I couldn’t deny it anymore. I couldn’t pretend like it wasn’t real.”

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