Aviation Ministry to Launch First Christian Airline in 2021 to Fly Missionaries Around the World

Aviation Ministry to Launch First Christian Airline in 2021 to Fly Missionaries Around the World

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An aviation ministry based in Shreveport, LA is planning to launch the world’s first Christian airline in 2021 that will transport large teams of missionaries and cargo to countries and people groups around the globe.

Giving Wings to Missionaries

Judah 1 currently facilitates transport for missionaries and their cargo but is limited to flying only smaller teams. Once certification for a commercial fleet is finalized, much larger teams and cargo can be delivered anywhere the airline is permitted.

“We’re able to get out into the mission field to take smaller teams, 12 to 10 member teams… taking them into the field,” Everett Aaron, the founder and president of Judah 1, said.

“But in the future, once we get our certification… we can carry the larger teams of up to 136 with our MP83 and 17,000 pounds of cargo…”

Aaron said God pressed upon his heart to undertake these plans back in 1994 while watching missionary teams stand in line outside planes that were preparing to take supplies overseas.

“And the Lord spoke and he said, ‘None of these people,’ and when he said ‘None of these people,’ it wasn’t just the missionaries. I saw the pilots on the planes, the flight attendants, the mechanics that maintain the planes, everybody that’s associated with doing this stuff,” Aaron explained.

“[God] said, ‘None of these people can do what they’re called to do until you get the airplanes. This is my call on your life.'”

Aaron added that the ministry of Judah 1 “gives wings to missionaries” and that God has called us to go unto “all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

The Future of Judah 1 Airlines

Aaron also shared his desire to see Judah 1 transition from a non-profit Christian organization to the world’s first Christian airline dedicated to going “anywhere in the world” to provide for felt needs and share the gospel.

The aviation ministry also wants to open its own flight school in the near future to further equip Christians to assist missionaries who are sacrificing their lives and comforts for Christ.

“Becoming the world’s first Christian airline is opening doors for us to be able to go anywhere in the world and do anything. It’s also opening doors for us because part of our heart is not just being an airline, is not just transporting missionaries…,” Aaron noted.

“We want to open our own flight school, we want to be able to train missionary pilots… It opens doors for us to do so many things.”

The ministry’s motto is simple yet powerful: “Your hands, God’s love, our wings.”

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