Audio Bible Narrated By Women Only to Help Women Who Have Suffered Abuse

Audio Bible Narrated By Women Only to Help Women Who Have Suffered Abuse


Bible teacher Ann White, founder and executive director of Courage for Life ministries, recently released the first-ever all female-voiced audio Bible aimed at helping at-risk women who have suffered abuse.

Reminded of God’s Love, Not Abuser’s Voice

The female-voiced audio Bible, dubbed the Courage for Life Bible, was inspired by White’s prison ministry. She hopes it will help “strengthen, equip and empower the world for Christ.”

The audio Bible was narrated by 12 women, reading from the New Living Translation. It can be listened in its entirety via the Courage for Life app.

White, who was a survivor of child abuse, said she wants women to be reminded of God’s love through His word rather than be reminded of the voice of their abuser.

“There are 200,000 women — the size of a small city — that are living in jails. Although they’ve made bad choices, they have found themselves with abusive men,” White said. “When we work with at-risk women, we find that a woman’s voice does not remind them of their abuser’s voice.”

Last summer, White told The Christian Post that many of the women she came in contact with and ministered to had experienced some level of trauma at the hands of a male.

“Often, the abuse was in their teenage years, and it’s trauma they’re still holding onto. Sometimes, simply hearing a man’s voice is a subconscious trigger. That’s why it’s important to use gender-specific treatment,” White explained.

Women Connecting With Other Women

According to the Courage for Life website, “the best way to help at-risk women and girls heal from substance abuse, trauma, and mental health issues, is to use gender-specific programs.”

A female’s voice is “often perceived as a helper, more compassionate, understanding, and non-threatening,” the website added.

The women’s audio Bible also addresses other issues associated with the lack of Bible reading among Americans. “More than half of Americans have read little or none of the Bible and 33% have never picked it up at all,” the website states.

Many of those who haven’t read the Bible could very well be women who don’t have access to God’s Word or have steered clear of audio versions because they are narrated by men.

Although the Courage for Life Bible app was designed for women, men are finding it useful as well.

“Men are connecting with the women’s voices as well because oftentimes, they’ve been abused and come from fatherless homes,” White said.

“If there was ever someone who shared the Gospel with them or talked about Christ, it was a woman in their life. It may have been their grandmother or aunt.”

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