Atheist TikTok User Comes to Jesus After Watching Christian Videos on App

Atheist TikTok User Comes to Jesus After Watching Christian Videos on App


Approximately one week ago, a 32-year-old TikTok user said she prayed to God for the first time since becoming an atheist. Her decision to call out to God came after she watched Christian videos posted on the short-form video app.

A Call For Help

Through tears, the TikTok user identified only as Felicia posted a video to her followers saying she “needs help” learning how to be Christian.

“If you’ve been on my page before, you know I’ve posted things about being an atheist. I took it down because now I’m really confused. Because all I see are videos about God and Jesus. I actually prayed the other night, and I don’t know why,” she confessed in the video.

“I guess I need help, because I just don’t know where to start. If you guys claim He loves me so much, I don’t understand why I have denied him so many times.”

Felicia, whose username is “inkydoeshair,” said she grew up as a Christian but later abandoned her faith and became an atheist. She went on to say she’s “done so many bad things” and has no clue where to start in her journey back to Jesus.

When asked by followers if she would delete older videos in which she curses, Felicia said she would not. She said they would help keep her accountable and perhaps encourage others who are on the same journey.

“I can see where I was when I felt lost, and you can see it in those videos, and now you can see where I am now. I never want to go back to feeling lost again,” she said in another video.

“And I’m not deleting them. Because, hopefully, there’s somebody out there who, if they feel lost or if they feel like nobody can relate or understand, they know that someone else felt the same way.”

Feeling Like a Hypocrite

In a subsequent video posted the following day, Felicia said she felt like a hypocrite. She had gone from being “so sure” there was no God to believing in Jesus in such a short time.

The mother of one said she found comfort in 2 Timothy 4:18. Yes, the Lord will deliver me from every evil attack and will bring me safely into His heavenly Kingdom.

Felicia also said the discouragement from feeling like a hypocrite was an attack from Satan. She remembered seeing a bumper sticker that same day that read, “Do not stop believing.”

The Scripture verse and sticker, she said, was a sign from God. God was telling her “Don’t believe in that and believe in me,” she explained.

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