Arizona Man Whom Tim Tebow Prayed Over at Baseball Game is Seizure-Free, Growing in Christ

Arizona Man Whom Tim Tebow Prayed Over at Baseball Game is Seizure-Free, Growing in Christ

Facebook / Brandon Berry

Arizona resident Brandon Berry will forever remember the day he woke up after having a seizure to see Christian athlete Tim Tebow praying over him. Just hours prior to him passing out, Berry had rededicated his life to Christ after listening to another man talk to a reporter about his faith in God.

A Life Rededicated to the Lord

Thirty-four-year-old Berry was attending a baseball game during the Arizona Fall League on Oct. 11, 2016, when he had a conversation with a Christian man.

“I introduced myself to him and we got to talking and I just told him that I felt like I was saved before but I was losing my faith in God. I felt like God was punishing me and I didn’t know if He took away my salvation because of all this stuff that was happening to me with my epilepsy,” Berry recalled.

“He told me that God loves me. We went over Scripture and we prayed and I rededicated my life in the stands that day,” he continued. “A couple of hours later, I started feeling ill and getting a metal taste in my mouth right there on the third baseline. The seizure happened and blacked out. I woke up to Tim [Tebow] praying over me.”

Nearly four years later, Berry is thanking God now that he is two years seizure-free. For the first time since being diagnosed with epilepsy in 2013, Berry can drive again and is taking courses to become an EEG technician.

Growing in His Faith Despite Difficulties

Since that fateful day when Tebow prayed over him, Berry said his life has “changed dramatically.” He said he had started going to church more often and was more involved on a weekly basis.

“I was teaching Sunday school and was involved with all different types of stuff in the community with Edge Church that I never thought I would ever do,” Berry said.

After Edge Church closed down permanently due to circumstances outside its control, Berry joined First Baptist Church Garden Lakes — the church where he grew up.

“That is where I was saved,” he said. “When I was having my problems in the spring of 2013, I was having a bad time — addicted to alcohol and gambling. It helped me overcome all that and get saved there.”

Berry struggled with depression after the seizures started taking over his life. While life wasn’t what he thought it would be, Berry credited God for helping him overcome his bout with seizures over the past two years.

“I think God is a big factor in all this. I have been building a relationship with Him. My prayer life wasn’t that great. I just have been praying to Him and building that relationship has eased a lot of stuff in my life,” Berry said.

Berry also said his pastor, Troy Wilkinson, has been a tremendous help to his spiritual growth.

“He’s helped guide me on what is biblical and what is not biblical. I have never really had that kind of discipleship in my life and I am very grateful for that,” he said.

“He taught me that looking at Scripture is an important part of talking to God. That is something I never really knew.”

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