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Actor Denzel Washington Recounts Spiritual Journey, Coming to Christ

Award-winning actor Denzel Washington last Thursday recounted his spiritual journey and relationship with God. During an Instagram Live video, the 65-year-old big screen movie star detailed the moment he gave his life to Christ.

‘Filled With the Holy Ghost’

In the 33-minute video with Brooklyn Pastor A.R Bernard of Christian Cultural Center, Washington noted that he had given his life to Jesus three times when he was a boy. During one of those moments, Washington said he experienced a “supernatural” encounter with God while in church sometime in the 1980s.

“I was filled with the Holy Ghost and it scared me. I said, ‘Wait a minute, I didn’t want to go this deep, I want to party,'” Washington recalled.

“Robert Townsend and I went to church and when it came time to come down to the altar I said, ‘You know this time, I’m just going to go down there and give it up and see what happens.’ I went in the prayer room and gave it up and let go and experienced something I’ve never experienced in my life.”

Washington said he reached out to his mother after the service and described his intense experience. He told his mom, “I felt like I was going up in the air, and my cheeks were filled.” His mother replied, “Oh no, that’s the devil you’re purging.”

‘Not Ready to Live It’

Although Washington distinctly remembers his “once in this lifetime experience,” he said he couldn’t “completely understand at the time.”

“It kept me grounded in spite of myself; I mean, I accepted it, I definitely experienced it, but I wasn’t ready to live it. I don’t know how old I was then, but I wasn’t ready to live it then,” Washington added. “I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s gone through that kind of experience.”

His mother encouraged him to embrace the change in his life. She told him “you’ve done a lot of good, but it’s time for you to do good the right way.” She added, “you can’t buy your way into heaven.”

A Prophetic Word

According to CBN News on Monday, Washington shared a story about a woman named Ruth Green, who spoke a prophetic word over the actor that would later come to fruition.

“Ruth Green… had the gift of prophecy. She lived in Mt. Vernon where I grew up and my mother did her hair. So she was in the beauty shop when I was sitting in there having been kicked out of school… She said ‘boy, you’re gonna travel the world and preach to millions of people,” Washington shared.

Looking back over his career, Washington can now see what Ms. Green meant that day at the beauty shop. God gave him the platform to share the Gospel with millions of people around the world.

“After all is said and done, I want to be in that number! I just want to be in that number when the saints go marching in. I want more than anything else in my life to be in that number,” Washington concluded.

Bryan Brammer

Bryan Brammer

Bryan earned a Master of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2009 and is a self-published children’s book author. In additional to being a freelance writer, he has hosted and edited numerous podcasts specifically in the area of sports. He currently resides in Raleigh, NC with his beagle Murphy.

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