5 Ways Your Church Can Help the Community During the Coronavirus Pandemic

5 Ways Your Church Can Help the Community During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Amid government orders to avoid large gatherings of 50 or more people, churches all over the country have no option but to close their doors in a global effort to thwart the spread of COVID-19.

Although the quarantine may hinder churches from meeting publicly, it hasn’t stopped them from looking for ways to serve their community. Below is a list of 5 ways your church can come to the aid of those around you.

Purchase and Distribute Food

Since people all over the country have either lost their jobs or had their hours or pay reduced, many cannot afford simple groceries. Talk with a few people in your church or small group and come up with a plan to purchase and distribute food to those in need.

A church in Green Bay, Wisconsin, bought hundreds of boxes of cereal to hand out to parents who were driving to their local schools to pick up lunches for their kids.

Order and Deliver Supplies

A church in Dallas, Texas, called all members over 70 years old and wrote down a list of things they needed. The members would then order the supplies, pick them up, and hand delivery everything directly to their doorstep in order to keep the elderly safe inside their homes.

Running errands for the elderly or those that are immunocompromised is another perfect way to assist those who are at a higher risk of infection.

Volunteer Time to Keep Services in Operation

Many areas have had to discontinue public services such as meals on wheels and school lunches. Look for ways you and some church friends can volunteer your time to keep these services in operation. Despite the coronavirus outbreak, people still need to eat.

Support Public Health Organizations

Hospitals all over the world are trying to operate at full capacity, requiring nurses and doctors to work long shifts without a break or food. Two churches in Georgia delivered coffee and Chick-fil-A meals to hospital staff as a way to fill their stomachs and hearts during a very difficult time.

Offer Hope Through Personal Conversation

Pastor Josh Howerton of Lake Pointe Church, a multisite church just outside of Dallas, said his members have put out signs in their front lawns that read “Self Isolating? I can help! Contact Me.”

The signs contain the member’s name and contact information in case anyone just needs a positive conversation or someone to pray with. Letting others know they are not alone during this crisis can have a lasting impact

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