5 Ways to Celebrate Palm Sunday While Under Quarantine at Home

5 Ways to Celebrate Palm Sunday While Under Quarantine at Home


As churches around the world have moved to online services due to the coronavirus pandemic, Easter and Palm Sunday will look drastically different from previous years. Instead of elaborate decorations and exciting worship, God’s people will be celebrating Christ’s triumphant entry, crucifixion and resurrection inside their own homes.

But Christians are called to worship in “spirit and truth” for nothing can “separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Let’s take a look at five ways you can celebrate Palm Sunday while quarantined at home.

Read the Gospel Accounts of ‘Holy Week’

Starting with Palm Sunday, the four Gospels describe the events of the “Holy Week” which conclude with Christ’s resurrection the following Sunday. Sit down with your family or alone and read each account. It will allow you to understand each writer’s perspective leading up to the death of Jesus.

God sent his son to Earth as a sacrifice for our sins. Without the culmination of “Holy Week,” we are all still dead in our sins. Find each account of Palm Sunday below:

Create a Prayer Book or Prayer Jar

Jesus fasted and prayed throughout His ministry. The night before Jesus was crucified, he prayed alone in the Garden of Gethsemane. He prayed with such agony that His sweat became drops of blood (Luke 22:44). Jesus leaned on and trusted God during His earthly ministry.

Create a prayer book or jar to record your prayers to God. Each week, revisit what you wrote to see how God answered your prayers. Reflect on what you learned during times of prayer. Pray for those in your community and for those severely impacted by coronavirus.

Gather or Create ‘Palms’

What better way to celebrate Palm Sunday than with some palm branches of your own. Whether you can obtain real palms or need to make your own, use them to imitate Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

If you craft your own palms, use a marker to write what you are grateful for. Waving the DIY palm branches can signify that you are sending praises unto the Father for sending his son to suffer the punishment for our sins.

Make a Worship Playlist

Although it may be awkward singing worship songs in your own home, try to at least create a playlist of music that exalts Christ’s willing sacrifice. You can spend thirty minutes before listening to an online sermon reflecting on the words being sung.

If you are musically inclined, play a set of worship songs to help you focus on Christ and the work he came to accomplish. Allow the music to block out the distractions of what’s going on in the world. Christ conquered death, so He can certainly handle a pandemic.

Implement Resurrection Eggs

Although Easter weekend follows Palm Sunday, the lessons gleaned from resurrection eggs  still apply. There’s even an egg with a palm tree or a tiny donkey to signify Palm Sunday. Visual object lessons always help enhance biblical lessons whether it’s for a child or an adult.

Although you may need to resort to purchasing a set of resurrection eggs, here are some simple instructions for making your own set. Also, look for ways to decorate your home or apartment in preparation for Resurrection Sunday.

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