A Brief Introduction to Major Christian Denominations

Megan Smith

You’re far from alone if you find it confusing trying to understand the differences between the numerous, varied Christian denominations. Here is a brief, straightforward introduction to the major Christian denominations. What is a denomination? What defines a “denomination” is how a Christian group views the Bible and specific beliefs …

Thanksgiving: Gratitude is Good for Your Health and Reducing Stress

Jimmy Parsons

Gratitude and giving thanks always is a recurring theme throughout the Bible, and medical science also lists a number of things thankfulness reduces such as stress, anxiety, depression, inflammation and more. Science proves thankfulness affects the body In a recent interview, a social worker from the community health network listed …

Do These Discoveries Confirm the Bible?

Dolores O'Leary

Archaeological discoveries are occurring all the time that validate events, locations and architecture reported in the Bible. A report by the world video Bible school spoke on several studies that offer confirmation. Discoveries validate history within the Bible As technology improves, so does the ability to discover and validate history. …

Books about Extraordinary People Every Christian Should Know

Megan Smith

Throughout history, people have faced challenging circumstances, and their stories are testimonies we all can learn and benefit from; you’ll find inspiration from the books below to meet today’s difficulties. Great books about extraordinary people every Christian should read The Bible says there is nothing new under the sun, and …

What Does the Bible Really Say About Success?

Dolores O'Leary

Success is often equated with the idea of “having it all,” but what does that really mean? As the Bible tells us that Christians “are not of the world,” and as such, Scripture gives a very different definition of success than the world. Does the Bible encourage us to pursue …

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