Walking in Hope in the Face of Fear

Donna Hallmark February 25, 2021

We are living in a time of fear, driven by a pandemic which is greater than any struggle most people alive today have faced, but the Bible assures us of a hopeful future ahead… Here’s how to ignore fear and embrace hope. How fear is used against us It’s hard …

Loving Yourself: You Were Made to Be Who You Are

Donna Hallmark February 18, 2021

Many people today suffer from unhappiness with themselves, but God made you exactly how He wanted you to be, He loves you just the way you are, and the Bible can show you how to love yourself for how and who you are. You are the way God made you …

Cancel Culture Criminal Sentence: Life Without Forgiveness

Donna Hallmark February 11, 2021

The Bible teaches that we are to forgive others who fall into wrongdoing and work to restore that person, it’s also a cornerstone of our justice system, yet cancel culture is condemning people without the possibility of forgiveness. What is cancel culture? A phenomenon is growing that was never experienced …

If God Hates Sin Why Does He Allow It?

Andrew Johnson February 4, 2021

The Bible declares that God hates sin, yet since the beginning of time he has allowed it, leaving many to wonder: Why? Why does God continue to tolerate sin without intervening? Find out what the Bible has to say. Why does God allow sin? “And since they did not see …

What Does God Think about Showing Off and Bragging?

Mary Newman January 28, 2021

One only needs to look to social media or listen to some forms of music to see how immersed our culture is and showing off and boasting, behaviors that God has a lot to say about in the Bible. Social media: Pride, vanity, showing off and boasting Critics of social …

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