Do God’s Prophets Still Speak Today?

Andi Hubbard

Is there still prophecy from God in modern times? A look at what the Bible has to say about prophecy and prophets and what you need to know to separate truth from deception. What is a prophecy? To prophesy means to foretell by inspiration. The question becomes, is this a …

You Can Do All Things in Him

Andi Hubbard

Christ is the light within and the light that leads us to an inner strength that is higher than humanity, toward the ultimate and ideal consciousness, in a spiritual union with the soul and empowerment through His Spirit. Today’s Bible quote “I can do all things through him who strengthens …

What is the Good News of the Gospel?

Andi Hubbard

If someone asked you to define the gospel, what would you say? Is it the Bible? The New Testament? The “four Gospels?” A specific passage? And what is the “good news” of the gospel? An answer to these questions and more. What is the Gospel? In discussions of Christianity, you’ll …

Watch Out for Self-Help Books Contradicting the Bible

Andi Hubbard

Self-help books are a booming business, there’s even a faith-based category from religious authors, but readers should use caution with such books as some delve into advice and concepts that contradict the Bible. The lure and promise of self-help books There is nothing inherently wrong with reading self-help books. The …

Apocalyptic Writings and the Dual Meaning of Apocalypse

Andi Hubbard

The word “apocalypse” has become synonymous in common vernacular with destruction, but the literal translation from this Greek word in the Bible means revelation. Plus, an introduction to multiple apocalyptic writings. Multiple definitions of “apocalypse” Many people today believe the word “apocalypse” means destruction. In fact, that is how the …

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