Is it a Sin to Work on the Sabbath Day?

Megan Smith

The “Sabbath” is the day the Lord rested following creation, and the Ten Commandments in the Bible instruct us to keep “remembering the Sabbath by keeping it holy” and says to do no work. Is working on the Sabbath a sin? Which day of the week is the Sabbath? In …

Failed Predictions and What the Bible Says About Prophets

Megan Smith

From the beginning of civilization, doomsayers have prophesied “the end is near,” even with politicians claiming the planet only has 12 years. A look at failed predictions and what the Bible says about prophets. Prophecies by prophets and experts that didn’t happen It isn’t only religious “profits” that make doom …

Is Religion Outdated in the 21st Century?

Megan Smith

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has been pushing the idea of its Great Reset, advocating a corporate takeover of global governance, essentially a New World Order, now asks: “Is Religion Outdated in the 21st century?” It’s not a conspiracy: What is the Great Reset? It’s hiding in plain sight. It’s on their …

An Introduction to Psalms

Megan Smith

The Book of Psalms in the Old Testament of the Bible are sacred poems meant to be sung as hymnals, dealing with various subjects, imparting worship, and lessons that remain equally powerful today. An introduction to Psalms The Book of Psalms, simply referred to as Psalms, is a book of …

What are Christian Values?

Megan Smith

Some people fear changing societal attitudes are eroding Christian values. But what is the definition of Christian values? Let’s explore what the Bible teaches. Defining Christian values Christian values are closely tied with morality, as taught by the Bible. They start with the Ten Commandments. Jesus was asked by one of …

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