17 Christian Missionaries Kidnapped in Haiti for Ransom

Dolores O'Leary

Seventeen missionaries were kidnapped in Haiti, including 16 Americans and 1 Canadian. The members are from an Ohio Christian group that is said to have tens of millions in assets and are likely to be ransomed for $1 million per head, experts say. Missionaries kidnapped in Haiti likely to be …

Fox Chief Religious Correspondent: What the Media Gets Wrong About Faith

Dolores O'Leary

The chief correspondent of religion for Fox News recently revealed in an interview that there is “absolutely” bias against faith by many in the mainstream media, as she highlights what media gets wrong about faith. “Absolutely” bias against faith among many in the mainstream media, Fox chief religious correspondent says …

United With Christ in Death And Resurrection

Jimmy Parsons

The death and resurrection of Jesus is also the death and resurrection of all those who have placed their faith in Him. As Jesus died and rose, so did the Chrisitan.  The Christian is unified with Christ through the death, burial, and resurrection. What Christ accomplished, His followers accomplished. The …

It’s Normal to Struggle as a Christian–the Apostles Did, Too

Dolores O'Leary

The struggle is real… Don’t feel bad if you struggle in your walk with God as a Christian because the apostles of Jesus did as well. It’s all part of being human, and we can all learn from the struggles and words of the apostles. The apostles of Jesus There …

What Does the Bible Say About Our Lost Loved Ones and Death?

Dolores O'Leary

One comfort grieving people find in the promise of an afterlife is the hope of being reunited with lost loved ones. Here’s what the Bible really says about paradise–and the differences from popular opinion that some may not expect. What the Bible says about death “And the dust returns to …

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